Mireille's Musings - August 20, 2011

The Best Cooking Class in France

A must-try if you are in Provence.

One of the best cooking classes in France is in Provence at Auberge La Feniere in Lourmarin.

One of my ex assistants got married there last fall, and I returned for lunch with pleasure to see how the place has grown. In addition to the gastronomic restaurant, there is a fun and delicious bistrot, cooking classes, more rooms, a gorgeous garden. All in all, an idyllic place to eat and stay, relax and cook with the fabulous Reine Sammut. Her cookbook is filled with wonderful photos of students over a season. The easy recipes are a joy to try and there are lots of tips and options with Reine’s savoir faire. A real treat. www.reinesammut.com