Vive la Sardine!

Cooking Tips for a Favorite Summer Fish

grilled sardines with olives, lemon and parsley

Sardines are the hottest food for the summer. Cheap and in season. Chefs are becoming more and more creative in playing with raw and cooked dishes, including at Auguste in Paris which offers a club sandwich à la sardine. It used to be considered “common” and not even served in restaurants.

The fastest way to cook sardines is in a pan or on the grill, usually quickly on the skin side, and serve with a light mixture of perhaps balsamic vinegar and sesame oil. I do mine on Tuesday as a fishmonger from the coast comes to the village to sell his fresh catch and I like mine cooked with a little lemon juice and olive oil and some parsley. C’est tout. Served with quinoa, taboule (bulghur) or couscous mixed with some veggies made in advance it’s another quick dinner served on the terrace. Followed with a tray of various goat cheeses and good bread and some local fruit it couldn’t be easier…or healthier.

My next experiment will be with pasta to surprise my Italian friends visiting soon: I’m planning to serve some farfalle with a broccoli sauce and marinated sardines, a recipe I found in Puglia a long time ago, and I will add my French touch.