Mireille's Musings - July 23, 2012

My Corner of Provence

Each summer for the past several years I’ve been lucky enough to unwind in my favorite corner of Provence enjoying the sun, vegetation, culture and toujours a steady rotation of guests. Readers are always curious about my home there, and the lifestyle I take on each summer during my respite from the big cities, and it’s time I truly savor. Earlier this year I had lunch with a woman whose work I greatly enjoy, Barrie Kerper of The Collected Traveler series, who combines travel advice with articles, interviews and quotes from a variety of writers (including me, in the Paris edition) to give travelers a full cultural sense of their destinations. We spoke at length about Provence, and I shared photos with her of my time there. She wrote a blog post with my interview, in which I discuss some of my favorite things about Provence: foods, wines, activities, cultural experiences and more. It’s worth a read for anyone who’s curious about the region.