Mireille's Musings - January 14, 2012


Nice to be queen for a few hours! I had not been in France for January 6th in years but made it in 2012. Wow. What a treat. The tasting started early, now that one can buy the galette by the slice (small ones are also available but are easily enough for two), ideal for tasting purposes! I stick to the traditional one made with almond paste filling. Many were not really worth it either because the puff pastry was not great or the filling was too thin or not with the best ingredients, but two stood out and were selected for our party. They came from a small shop, Jacky Milcent on rue du Bac, and Mulot on rue de Seine (there are a few days left till I leave Paris so I am sure some excuses will allow for one or two more before going into galette overdose).

They were different but both offered what my friends and I look for: a light, airy puff pastry made with the best butter possible and a golden color baked side and a rich filling with a not-too-sweet frangipane (a mixture of almond powder, butter, sugar, eggs and either vanilla, rum or orange blossom water). Freshly baked lukewarm is best but nearly impossible to find as most are made during the night as people seem to be lining up all day to get one! My slice had the “feve” (bean)–which actually was a tiny porcelain lamb and could have broken a tooth–and we celebrated with a glass of bubbly!

As tradition asks for the queen (or king) to give another party I am bound to try more galette before I leave and will, for sure, be ready for a detox day. C’est la vie.