A Few French Beauty Secrets for the Last Stretch of Winter

Favorite Products and Homemade Remedies for Beautiful Skin and Hair

With winter lingering on—it always seems endless at this point in the season—dry skin is my biggest beauty concern, and I know I am not alone.  To get through these last few bitter weeks until the spring rains begin, I have a few tips and tricks for keeping my skin fresh and hydrated.  In the typical French woman’s fashion, I like to combine some family beauty secrets with newer products I’ve found.  I thought I’d share a few…

My top store-bought remedies:

My favorite brand was also my mother’s, Lancome, and they have a number of moisturizing products.  I adore their “huile douceur” (soft oil) because it’s 3 products in one (cleans, tonifies, good for eye makeup as well) and leaves the skin so smooth.  Perfect for traveling, too, as it replaces 3 jars with just one.  On long flights I put a drop on my skin, and it glows upon arrival.  A real winner…

For dry lips, I love the Fresh sugar rosé tinted lip treatment spf 15, which I keep in my bag and use a few times a day. Soft, sensual and sweet.

And some homemade ones:

A favorite home remedy in my family for beauty and a good night’s sleep, used particularly in winter, involves the simple ingredient of sea salt.  Not too much in the food, but at the end of a stressful day use 1/2 cup of sea salt in a warm (not hot) bath and the “marine water” will prepare and predispose you for a deep sleep.

For hair that is dry and/or staticy, or if you’d like to be nicely coiffed on a rainy or windy day: instead of gel and spray, mix an equal amount of beer and water in a spray container.  Spray onto wet hair after shampoo and blow dry (on lukewarm, never too hot).  If you use big rollers, spray on the rollers, set and dry.

Have a beautiful rest of the winter!