Mireille's Musings - October 5, 2011

Best Croissants in Manhattan at Mille Feuille Bakery

No other bakery in the city comes even close.

Wow! What a treat to finally taste the light and airy croissants made by super nice Olivier and his team. This is my new address from now on as no other bakery in the city comes even close. His almond croissants are special, too, and I can’t wait to taste the rest, especially the macaroons, sablés and tarts.

He deserves a roomier place to spoil us with sitting comfortably to enjoy his goodies, and add a few I know he’ll make well like the “must” item of any great pâtisserie, the cannelé (we’ve got to beat San Fran and Philadelphia, non?), which has for years replaced the macaroon at many Parisian dinner parties.

Meanwhile, less is more, but when it’s the best, who cares? His croissants weigh half of the normal super-sized type found in NYC that are too often doughy and lacking feuilletage. Bonne chance, Olivier and company. www.millefeuille-nyc.com