Mireille's Musings - January 14, 2015

Readers Share Favorite Oyster Memories

I’m happy to report there are a lot of fellow oyster fans out there!

As part of the giveaway contest for Meet Paris Oyster, I asked readers to share a favorite oyster memory, fact or recipe. I’m happy to report there are a lot of fellow oyster fans out there: we had hundreds of responses to choose from! I wish I could include more, but here are a few favorite gems:

Oyster memories:

On a vacation in Mexico, we pulled off a sand dirt road and walked up to a little shack by the beach. When we placed an order for a dozen orders, the man smiled and waded out into the little bay to get them! We sat in the warm sun and ate about two dozen oysters all together, with lime and chili on top. It was perfect.
– Anne

Growing up on the South Carolina coast, learning to appreciate oysters comes early. One fall day, my father and I went out in our boat – it was the first time I’d been allowed to go “pick” oysters. We found so many, and I had my first oyster right there on the boat – raw, muddy and delicious. I was 7 years old.
– Kati

My grandmother and I were the only two in our family that enjoyed oyster stew. So every New Years until she died we would have our own Christmas/New Year’s celebration making oyster stew and talking about her days growing up.
– Mary

Eating fresh, raw oysters on the beach with my now husband of 25 years, sharing the sunset, when we were just newly-dating, young 20 year old kids. All we had was a towel, champagne, oyster knife, bucket of oysters and hot sauce.
– Cynthia

Eating oysters for the very first time while an au pair in Pau, France. We had just all been to Midnight Mass and were having a family supper to celebrate Christmas. It was a wonderful, joyous occasion and a memory that has stayed with me for the past 30 years.
– Maggie

Introducing my 7 year old to oysters by letting her order 1 … and watching her reaction as she experienced the texture and taste. Brought a laugh and smile!
– Lisa

I adore oysters served any way possible. I am predominantly a vegetarian and one birthday a friend surprised me with a t-shirt which read “I am a vegetarian except for oysters”.
– Lisa

Oysters and Veuve Clicquot at a historic hotel in Venice. That’s the breakfast over which my beloved husband proposed back in 2009. Need I say more?
– Naja

I can remember as a little girl living in Panama City Beach, Florida, my mother and I would walk down to this little shack and eat oysters fresh from the ocean. I can remember how delicious and salty they were, I loved oysters. I loved squeezing fresh lemon on them and putting them in my mouth right from the shell. Delicious!!!!!
– Stephanie

My favorite oyster memory is eating them fresh on the beach, cooked in salt water after being found while scuba diving with friends…. There is no better oyster than that!
– Danae

I actually found a small pearl in an oyster when I was young. I’ve been looking for another ever since…
– Lori

I have never had one but you have inspired me to try them!
– Michele

Oyster Recipes:

I love to serve oyster shooters for special occasions and dinner parties. Recipe: Oysters, Champagne, little bit of hot sauce and orange rind. All individually prepared in a shooter shot glass. Delicious and a great conversation piece!
– Theresa

Try with a squeeze of lime and a dash of sweet chili sauce.
– Desireé

One way to eat fresh oysters is the Chinese Cantonese way: steam them with slivers of ginger and green onions and a few drops of high grade soy sauce.
– Vivien

Add oysters in any of your favorite stuffing recipes.
– Lourdes

Oyster Facts:

If you put the live oysters in the freezer for about 5 minutes they are so easy to shuck!
– Deborah

Like the vineyard grapes, the terroir or in this case “meroir” establishes vastly distinctive flavors.
– Dido

There is no way of telling male oysters from females by examining their shells. While oysters have separate sexes, they may change sex one or more times during their life span.

– Isobel

I love the fact that oysters contain lots of iron, which is not only good for your general well-being, but also works against hairloss.
– Simone