Mireille's Musings - May 23, 2011

“Midnight in Paris” from my fave US filmmaker is pure JOY

The film is out and in 2 days I’ve already seen it twice. Can’t help it. Only someone with the wit, intelligence, poetry, smart, sensibility, great sense of aesthetic, dialog,choice of actors (excellent Wilson) and much more can make Paris even more extraordinaire (what a prelude to my imminent departure tonight to the city of light!). Woody Allen is to be applauded once more for giving us such brilliant approach and my compatriots will no doubt adore him once more and even more when they see his treatment of what IS zee most beautiful city on earth (I am chauvinistic,bien sûr, I’ll admit). Run to see it. It will make you want to jump in a plane and go. At least that’s how I felt. And if you can’t go to Paris this will transport you there as if…ah the magic of great photography, history, art. This film will survive as a great classic.

Might go and see it again in Paris with friends very soon. Deeply hope Woody Allen makes more films on and in Paris… Merci, merci, merci, Woody génie.