L'art de vivre
The art of living. What we must all embrace and practice.

La fille prodigue
The prodigal daughter

La moitié
Half, as in the 50% solution. How much do you want to eat? How much should you eat? How about half?

La rentrée
Literally, the reentry, as if summer were a trip to the moon.

La vie est un movement
Life is movement. Walk daily, climb stairs, ride your bike. Get up and go!

Letting go, or giving up on oneself, something French women never do. Instead, they make the most of themselves at every age.

Le nombre de saveurs est infini
There is an infinite number of flavors

Le pain quotidien
Literally, our daily bread. Essential.

Le poireau
The Leek: the star vegetable of my book French Women Don't Get Fat and a staple of every French woman's diet. In France, le poireau enjoys almost noble rank.

Le terroir
An essential word: this is how we describe the soil conditions that give a wine its individual character

“Qui plante son jardin plante son bonheur ”


French women eat for pleasure.


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