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Another good yogurt, a rare thing these days

I had seen this yogurt in the yoga store near my home but could not see spending $3 (well $2.69 to $2.99) for a yogurt so I dismissed it. Years later, I get home from a trip a few days after my husband and look at the new items in the fridge…one is Siggi’s natural and so I decided to taste it next morning as I had no time yet to make my own. Wow, now I understand the price:

1) It is delicious with great protein content, little carb/sugar and less sodium than most.

2) It’s so thick that one actually goes a long way and that morning I admit I was satisfied with a few walnuts (my brain food) and a third of that yogurt. The next day I mixed 1 teaspoon with my ricotta for my magical breakfast and admit it enhanced it.

3) I got fascinated and wanted to know why it had that consistency so I read the wonderful story wrapped around the little container and realized the price was justified considering they use three times more milk than a regular yogurt.

So, yes, it’s a rare treat I’ll give myself occasionally.

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