MIREILLE'S MUSINGS: Olivier Giugni's Living Art

November 3, 2010

There is a floral designer in Manhattan who is one of zee best in the world, no exaggeration. I had the good fortune to come across Olivier Giugni’s work quite some time ago, and he has designed many a floral arrangement for me over the years, all of them one-of-a-kind pieces. A true artist, he uses as his palette the colors and textures of the plant kingdom, drawing inspiration from the world around him and using flowers and greenery as other artists use paint and cloth.

Olivier just published his first book, Living Art: Style Your Home with Flowers. It makes a wonderful gift for flower lovers, with Catherine Deneuve's preface (she loves flowers and is an avid gardener). Like all of his work, it’s a beautiful piece, and whether someone is new to floral arranging, has been doing it for years, or just enjoys having flowers around, they will be able to appreciate the unique perspective Olivier brings.

Olivier shows the reader how to create floral arrangements that complement and enhance the existing furnishings and artwork in a living space, using color, texture and even fragrance to heighten the senses. And there are even a few shots of my own apartment in the book

Do keep it in mind as you do your holiday shopping this year.

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