MIREILLE’S MUSINGS: Inspirations from readers

August 15, 2011

A favorite part of my job is reading the emails coming in from people who have read my books and have been inspired to make changes in their lives (I get so many emails that regrettably I can’t always respond, but I read them all). I received two emails recently that I wanted to share, from women who are bringing the French Women lifestyle into their corners of the world.

The first was from two women in Arizona who have read my books and are now working to share some of the traditional principles of French life with others. With a desire “to bring a French way of inspired living to women in Phoenix, Arizona, where it is needed so badly” (their words), they founded the website “Local Lily,” which promotes local restaurants and boutiques, farmers markets and a seasonal way of living. They said, “We have come to believe that even in the urban desert life can be savored.” (I agree.) They have shared some thoughts on French Women Don’t Get Fat and Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire here.

The second email was from a woman who is turning her life around, embracing pleasure and a healthier lifestyle: “Following some of your guidelines and those of some others, I have now lost eight stone. I was ill for over a decade but now I am well, I am loving exercising, walking, running, yoga, taking pleasure in feeling good and enjoying all that exercise brings to the body, mind and spirit. I am still on the journey and have more weight that will go but it is wonderful to feel good, to be healthy and to take pleasure in life and not be shrouded in pain.” She has started her own blog to talk about her experiences and new outlook on life.

These women understand that the French Women lifestyle is about much more than simply eating well; they are getting more enjoyment out of life as a whole, connecting and finding joy in the small pleasures, taking care of both the mind and the body.