How Make the Magical Leek Soup

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Begin by slicing 2 pounds of leeks where the green meets the white of the leek.  Put the greens to the side (you may either discard or save for stock).  Unlike most vegetables, the white part of the leek is the part you want to eat!
Next, slice the leeks longways, leaving 1/2 inch at the bottom uncut.
Check the layers of the leek to make sure there is no sand and soil hiding inside.
Depending on how dirty they are, you can either let the leeks soak in cold water for a few minutes...
Or, loosen the sand by swishing the leek around in a pot of cold water, like so.
Next, place the leeks in a large pot, and cover with enough water to cover the leeks completely, plus a little extra (about 6-8 cups)
Turn on the stove to medium-high.
Let the leeks simmer for about 20-30 minutes.
Pour off the liquid and reserve. The juice is to be drunk every 2-3 hours, 1 cup at a time.  You may want to reheat the liquid before serving.
Place the remaining leeks in a bowl to keep in the refrigerator.
For meals, or whenever hungry, have some of the leeks themselves, 1/2 cup at a time.  Drizzle with a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice.  Season sparingly with salt & pepper.  Top with fresh parsley if you wish.  Et voilà!

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