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What does cooking mean to you?

At the end of The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook, I included a “Cooking Manifesto,” a list of many of the observations I’ve had on cooking and many of the benefits I’ve seen in my own life. It is not a complete list, and as cooking is personal it can mean something different to everyone. I asked my readers to submit their own quotes about what “cooking is…” as part of a contest to win a signed copy of The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook. Here are the ten winners. I’m hoping these will provide even more inspiration for people to go back into the kitchen and savor home-cooked meals around the table.

Cooking is easy! I've discovered that it doesn't need to take hours to do or involve complicated ingredients I can't pronounce!
-Sharon W., U.S.A.

Cooking is falling in love - it feels foreign and scary the first time, but eventually becomes natural, exciting and fun.
-Anna L., U.S.A.

Cooking is discovery; to open your eyes (and mouth) to a new food or combination of flavors and textures.
-Joanne F., Canada

Cooking is an embrace - a nourishing hug.
-Maggie and Steve W., Australia

Cooking is like a with instruments, every ingredient plays its own integral part in the recipe's final, flavorful composition. The chef, its conductor, is the master of blending the flavors together to create a delicious masterpiece, while ensuring that every chief ingredient has the opportunity to have its solo moment with its audience.
-Katie L., Canada

Cooking is quality time with my daughter, teaching her the importance of good food and etiquette.
-Kelly M., Australia

Cooking is meditation, a quiet celebration of all senses with different colors, smells, flavors, textures and sounds.
-Netta C., Israel

Cooking is like love-making: it starts with little thoughts. Add a little endeavor and a pinch of exploration through the day until the recipe is ready for the pleasure of consummation.
-Sally-Ann H., Scotland

Cooking is a way to travel around the world without leaving your house.
-Maja M., Serbia

Cooking is love, plain and simple; the love of working with wonderful products; the love of feeding the people you love; the love of experiencing a new world, new ideas, new tastes every single day.
-Valerie V., The Netherlands


“Peu à peu ”


French women love to discover new flavors and are always experimenting with herbs, spices, and citrus juices to make a familiar dish seem new.


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