Chocolate: no excess but no guilt as dark chocolate is sooo good for you

With Easter coming, windows of Parisian pastry shops are filled with chocolate temptations. Easter is a good excuse to satisfy our chocolate cravings.

For one thing chocolate is one of the rare ingredients that is good for our health and our "gourmandise" So, yes, indulge and don't feel guilty....for one thing your arteries will say "merci" simply because chocolate preserves the suppleness of our arteries reducing the adherence of white cells on the lining of our blood vessels. Of course, we are talking of dark chocolate...which has other virtues like reducing our blood pressure, bad cholesterol and even prevents coughing! It is also a power house of antioxidants and minerals and it is famous for putting us in a good mood. The latter is enough of a good reason to treat yourself to good chocolate pre, during and post Easter.

Chocolately yours,

“Beauté Charme”



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