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Welcome to the new, a site for anyone who wants to infuse her (or his) life with a bit—or even a lot!—of the joie de vivre and wisdom of French women.

As you perhaps know, my book French Women Don't Get Fat:  The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, launched something of a revolution when it was first published in December 2004.  I then followed up two years later with French Women for all Seasons: A Year of Secrets, Recipes and Pleasure.  Through both books , women all around the world have become inspired to lose weight (and keep it off) without dieting.  By simply applying the time-honored tricks of the French lifestyle—eating mindfully and seasonally, pursuing true pleasures, incorporating light exertion into each day and practicing l’art de vivre—it is possible to lead a happy, healthy and rich life and feel bien dans sa peau.

I've conceived this website to offer you all the support I can through articles, recipes, style tips, shopping recommendations, ideas for entertaining, videos, and, bien sûr, message boards where we can all share our successes (and, oui, our failures) with each other.

Some visitors may wish to start at the beginning; I suggest you go immediately to Well-Being and read the articles in Getting Started / Recasting.  Others may want to search the recipe section for the perfect meal to serve for dinner tonight.  (Note to vegetarians:  you can refine your search to meatless dishes.)  Or maybe you're having a celebration involving Champagne, and need a refresher course in how to elegantly and properly pop the cork; if so, there's a video just for you in Food & Wine.

In French Finds you'll discover the cultural joys I rejoice in—great restaurants, books and movies—and in French Staples you'll find the foods that are central and indispensible to a French woman.  In Style I share my guiding principle:  faites simple!  Here you'll find my secrets for accessorizing, clothes shopping and the 5 Top Beauty Secrets of French Women.

I also post weekly updates on my life, food, style and any other items of interest in Mireille's Musings.

I hope you will come back often and join in the conversation on our message boards.  I look forward to meeting you there.

Thank you for visiting.  Let’s have some healthy fun.



“Force majeure ”


French women don't care for hard liquor.


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